Inslab & Underfloor Heating

Kick off your shoes and let Carlton warm your soles. Inslab or Undertile Heating is a welcome addition to any home. Simple digital controls can heat your floors so you will no longer have cold floors on those stormy winter mornings and nights. Using Devi products, a world wide leader in the manufacturing of heating components, we will transform your floors into a warm oasis.

  • Provides efficient room heating, be it at home, in your bathroom or livingroom, at the office, in a work shop, sports hall or virtually anywhere that requires comfortable warmth.
  • Used in connection with new building or can be fitted on top of the old flooring, eg. when renovating a bathroom.
  • Can be used as the only heating source in the room, or as an additional source of heat, making the floor comfortably warm.
  • Can be installed in all types of floor whether they are new concrete floors, renovated bathroom floors or new or renovated wooden floors.