Undertile Heating

Carlton Electrical Undertile Heating

Carlton Electrical has been installing Devi underfloor products, a worldwide leader in heating products for the past 10 years.

Undertile heating can also be very cost effective as each room is on a timer so it’s only heating when you want it and where you want to heat saving you on higher power bills.

3 great reasons of why you should get Undertile heating

It provides efficient room heating, be it for your bathroom, kitchen, living room or office or virtually anywhere that requires warmth.

A cost effective option. Undertile heating could be used as the only heating source saving you money on other forms of heating that take up space.

Easily installed in all types of floor, including tiled, wooden and concrete floors.

Consider undertile heating for your new home or next build and ask Carlton for a free no obligation quote. Phone on (09) 421 9067 or email admin@carltonelectrical.co.nz

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